Introduce our shop items, vintage ashtray edition

Product introduction on this blog


Since the article of the antique style has also settled down,

(See Japanese Blog)

From now on I would like to focus on product introduction.


This HP is the advertisement of the Austrian antique shop and we have an online shop,

so It might have been better to have product introduction a little earlier..




I am planning to introduce interesting and cool antiques and vintage products on this blog.


This blog is the first memorable one!


The first introduction is vintage ashtrays


The first introduction I would like to introduce vintage ashtrays.


Why is the vintage ashtrays the first time?

Because they are easy to handle in online shops!

(Sending is easy cause they are small)


It's easy reason ...

But actually, looking one by one, there are so many stylish items.



I am a non smoker,

but I would like to have those ashtrays as interiors in my room.


I used to use them as a jewelry tray.

Ashtray is just right size to put those kind of small things (especially accessories).



Of course you can use it as an ashtray as well.

Although it is small, we can use them in many ways.

Recommended Vintage Ashtrays


So here I would like to introduce our recommended vintage ashtrays.


There are many other ashtrays in our shop in Klagenfurt,

but I will introduce some of them because there are not enough space in this blog to list them all.





First is Martini's ashtray.


Martini is a Italian alcohol called vermouth,

which is often used as cocktail or an aperitif.


Martini is from Italy,

but this martini's ashtray is made in France.

(There is Made in France word on the back side)


This is made of glass and beautiful condition.



Martini's products are very popular all over the world.

We had an enamel signboard recently in our shop,

but It was sold out just in 2 days.


Martini's logo and red circle pattern are impressive design.

It also fits rockabilly style and industrial style well.


②Calvados Busnel



This is a French brandy company's ashtray named Calvados.


The name Calvados is a brandy made from apples made in France Normandy region.

Like champagne, an apple brandy made outside this area can not call them Calvados.



Alcohol aside ...

This ashtray is a bit close to a small dish rather than an ashtray.


There are plenty of French stylish style.


I have resistance using this as an ashtray somehow...


I recommend to use this ashtray as an accessory case.


(Anyway it's depends on you!) 


③Gitanes cigarettes


The third one is a French cigarette company's ashtray named Gitanes.


Tobacco manufacturer Gitanes is not familiar in Japan very much,

but Gitanes is like a general cigarette maker in France.


Because this is an ashtray of cigarette makers,

it is an easy-to-use ashtray which thought about the person who smoked cigarettes.


But you need to be careful to use it, because it is made of pottery.



I did not know Gitan,

but I might remember this woman's mark ...

I was thinking ...


Probably it is because of F1.


The old F1 sponsor was full of cigarettes companies.





④Justerini & Brooks


The fourth one so far has been French ashtray,

but suddenly it is Scottish.


This is Scotch whiskey's Justerini & Brooks' ashtray.

KIRIN sells them in Japan so probably there are many people know this Scotch whiskey.


This is an ashtray which designed bottle label of the Justerini & Brooks Rare.


Brilliant yellow is so eye-catching.


With this colorful ashtray,


It can be good interior with Rockabilly of course, Sputnik and Space age.


⑤Noilly dry


The last is again return to French ashtray.


It is a French alcohol company's ashtray called a Noilly Prat.


This Noilly Prat is also a Vermouth like Martini,

so this is often used in cocktails etc.


This ashtray looks white through this picture,

but the whole color is light green.


This cute color seems to be very French,

so it suits to women's rooms as well.


We recommend as a present too.



You can buy them in our store, online shop or mail order


How was the first product introduction?


Please leave comment if you have any request to see other products introduction.


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