New arrival product May 26, 2017

Only one product introduction



Finally the topics are gone.

The new products' topics are ...


There are days when 5 or more products arrive,

or sometimes no products arrive at all,

so it seems that I have to think about blog topics except for product introduction someday ...



Aside from blog topics,

we have only one product arrived today,

so I would like to introduce only one product this time.


This time I will introduce a typewriter in a very rare form. 



New items of May 26, 2017



So I'd like to introduce today's new product from now.


This time it is an introduction of a typewriter as introduced above.


It is an introduction of German Mignon AEG typewriter. 





MIGNON AEG Typewriter

Mignon AEG typewriter
Mignon AEG typewriter



The name Mignon AEG is not very familiar,

The shape of this typewriter is also quite unique.


Normally typewriters have  keyboards,

but this typewriter has not found anything like that.





This Mignon AEG typewriter is a form called index typewriter.


Select a character with a pointer (it looks like a needle on the characters' panel),

and type with a lever on the right side of this typewriter.

So it is similar to a screen keyboard typing of the current PC.


This index typewriter is a mainstream type in countries,

that handle thousands of characters such as kanji rather than alphabetical countries.


So Japanese old typewriters are classified as index typewriters.


Japanese typewriters and Chinese typewriters are far more difficult to use than alphabet type index typewriters,

but the basic structure is similar.



The index typewriter's input speed is slower than the normal keyboard style typewriter.



as the part of the keyboard was simplified,

some people were familiar with it for carrying because it is smaller and not so heavy.

(compare to the that era normal typewriter.)


Unfortunately the index typewriters in the alphabet countries disappeared in the 1930s.

It seems that they did not spread very much.





Mignon AEG typewriter


Well, I would like to introduce how to use this index typewriter.


First move the needle at the top of the character which you want to input.


(In the picture I moved the needle over the lower case "i".)



The needle moves smoothly,

because there is a knob on the top of the needle.

Be careful because it may be too slippery to point to another character.



Next, use the lever on the right side.


The lever on the right side on the front is a lever for typing characters,

so press this lever after you moved the needle to the character what you want to input.


Then the ball engraved with letters with ink,

which called typeball will touch the paper.


Typing is now complete.


Other levers are for space and shift function. 



I think you can see also in the above explanation,

the index typewriter input takes much more time than keyboard input.


The arrangement of the alphabet is completely different from the normal keyboards.


I guess the handwriting is a bit faster than this...


(But Japanese professional writers using index typewriter were so fast typing like a god...)


I am convinced why they are not so popular,

but their styles are quite cool because they are unique and retro.



This typewriter works normally,

and I think it is easy to input if it is short as a title.


It is a useful item for decorating as an interior,

decorating a part of cards and letters with a typewriter.


I am now a bit familiar with typewriters



Thanks to this article,

now I am a little more familiar with typewriters.


As a PC generation,

typewriter has a lot of inconvenient things and troublesome impression,

but the shape of the typewriter's unique character and the unique body shape are much more fashionable machines than PC.


By the way, there was a word processor in the past.


It is possible to write and erase characters in a moment after the word processor appeared,

typewriters have drawbacks that become troublesome if made a mistake.


As a machine to write sentences,

typewriters are still inferior to the latest machines,

but I think that it would be nice to enjoy the collection itself and also enjoy the letters of typewriters.