Desk lamps called Bauhaus

About Bauhaus style


You may have heard the word "Bauhaus".


This time I would like to introduce Bauhaus style desk lamps,

so I would like to introduce a little about Bauhaus first.


The word Bauhaus is originally the name of a German design school.


It is just a name of a school,

but now it is also the name of the design.

Because Bauhaus affected so much to the modern art such as this school's idea and design. 


Bauhaus existed as a school in 1919 to 1933,

and it was the era of chaotic that the interval between the first and the second world war.


A number of functional and beautiful designs that were created in such age backgrounds are continually being loved by many people even in current times. 



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Art Nouveau Armchairs

Art Nouveau armchair introduction


This is the second product introduction in this blog.


I would like to introduce this time the Art Nouveau Armchairs.


Unfortunately we have only two left...

Why are we introducing them with this few products?

It is because they are so gorgeous and really popular.


Art Nouveau itself is a very popular antique style and those armchairs are so popular among the Art Noouveau furniture.


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Introduce our shop items, vintage ashtray edition

Product introduction on this blog


Since the article of the antique style has also settled down,

(See Japanese Blog)

From now on I would like to focus on product introduction.


This HP is the advertisement of the Austrian antique shop and we have an online shop,

so It might have been better to have product introduction a little earlier..




I am planning to introduce interesting and cool antiques and vintage products on this blog.


This blog is the first memorable one!


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