New arrival product August 10, 2017

A variety of lamps are available



This blog is featured lamps.


From classical design to industrial style,

I'd like to introduce the various lamps in our shop.



There may be many people who think that they want to arrange new interior for September,

at the turning point of summer vacation.


I recommend lamps for those who think about that.


Lamps are convenient interiors that make it easy to change the atmosphere of the room.


Purchasing large furniture is a bit difficult,

but want to change the atmosphere of your room a bit...

I'd like to introduce some of the perfect lamps for those people.



From a gorgeous lamp to a no-brand easy lamp,

we have a variety of unique lamps.


I would like to introduce the charm of the lamp together.




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New arrival product August 3, 2017

First products introduction in August is classical antiques



It is finally in August.

Time flies.


It is so hot in Austria in August.

It is not humid, but it is often hotter than I imagined because the temperature often exceeds 35 degrees.


Basically there is no AC in Austrian residence,

so even if it was a few hot summer days it is painful.



Well, this time in the summer like this hot,

the shop has lots of classical antiques.


Classics have no impression like midsummer,

but I didn't introduce classical antiques so I would like to do it a lot.


Actually, the antique furniture made of wood is not very good at humidity, extreme drying, and midsummer sun.


The wood is the same as the human skin.

So if wood is in the tough weather place, it will get mold or break.

(In the winter, when it dries it sounds sluggish, it is breaking.)



I am a indoor person in summer,

so I enjoy relaxing in a room and watching antiques under an AC.

So if you are the same person like I am,

how about enjoying watching antiques in your room in this summer?




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