New arrival product July 27, 2017

Lots of Mont Blanc



This time is a blog about Mont Blanc.

It is Mont Blanc, famous for pens.




We recently purchased a lot of Mont Blanc,

so that's why...



I had a Mont Blanc ballpoint pen before,

but I sold it without using because it was too expensive after all... 


The reason is,

My letters are not so beautiful and there are so many misspellings,

I don't need to use such a expensive pen.



Mont Blanc chooses who to use it.



Although Mont Blanc is a company like French or Swiss from its name,

it was originally a company in Hamburg, Germany.

(It is a Swiss company now.)


Started manufacturing the fountain pen in 1906,

In 1909 the name Mont Blanc was established,

In 1924 Meisterstuck started on sale.


Mont Blanc, which continues to manufacture writing instruments for more than 100 years,

has so many collectors due to its high quality and elegance,

and is characterized by many collection items.



This time, like an antique shop,

I would like to introduce a little old Mont Blanc writing instruments. 




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New arrival product July 20, 2017

Introduction of vintage products



This time, I would like to introduce a lot of vintage items,

because we bought lots of them.


Recently, I have not introduced classical antiques on this blog.


We have more new style interiors such as industrial style than classical antiques recently.


Indeed, in recent years people are more into the simple design such as modern design than decorative antiques.


But our commodity choice is...

not coming from the classical antiques less popularity,

coming from ease of handling and owner's taste...



Rather than an antique shop,

our shop looks like more a vintage shop recently.


Our shop had a museum-like atmosphere before,

currently it become interior shop atmosphere.


I would like to introduce the interior more familiar to the living space this time! 



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New arrival product July 17, 2017

Industrial from France



This time I would like to introduce industrial-style products that came from France,

which we recently purchased.


Why did we bought a lot of industrial style products from France?


I have classic or fancy images of French antiques (at least I have those images) ...


Of course there are lots of classical antiques in France,

many of them are also quite good quality.



However, not only classical antiques,

as expected a country of art,

but also we can buy all kind of the interior popularized each era.


(If something is not available, it is probably a Victorian style?)


And also antiques and vintage products since the Art Deco period are trading at a very good price,

rather than classical antiques.


Of course, anything is expensive in big cities such as Paris,

Many affordable things can be found when going to purchase in the suburbs.



This time I will introduce a relatively inexpensive industrial style items that have come across borders from France.




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