New arrival product May 31, 2017

Last blog of May, introducing something decorate for the walls



It is already the last day in May.



The temperature in Austria is getting higher everyday as summer!

Kind of like that.


(It has become over 30 degrees during the day.)





Because humidity is low and dry days have been ongoing,

I would like to go for drinking in a terrace after work,



The pollen is horrible in this season.




A lot of pollen which the particles are rough,

and they are actually visible.


I stay in the room because I cannot stop sneezing whole time.

It does not change from winter after all.



Excuse me, so many digression...


As a result of thinking the whole day about what to write for the topic of blog this time,

I decided to introduce products of the decoration on the wall.


Probably it was easy to take pictures.


I think that it is convenient to have pictures for decoration,

because they can easily change the impression when you use them for reorganization or something,

so I would like to introduce them at this time.







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New arrival product May 26, 2017

Only one product introduction



Finally the topics are gone.

The new products' topics are ...


There are days when 5 or more products arrive,

or sometimes no products arrive at all,

so it seems that I have to think about blog topics except for product introduction someday ...



Aside from blog topics,

we have only one product arrived today,

so I would like to introduce only one product this time.


This time I will introduce a typewriter in a very rare form. 



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New arrival product May 24, 2017

Introducing small items



It is recently bad weather in Klagenfurt, Austria.

The rain is like a shower and quite strong.

Is it because of global warming?




I would like to introduce small antiques and vintage items in this time.


Honesty Those products which introduce this time are something normally we sell in some flea markets.


Those prices are also flea market prices.

(Some items' prices are unknown...)


In modern time, there are many things that we can not use in our normal life,

There are many things that can be used as for interior, gifts or DIY.


This season when summer is coming,

Let's arrange the new interior with small antiques.








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New arrival product May 19, 2017

This time, introduction of variety of antiques



It is already in the middle of May.

The temperature become quite hot in Austria.


Well, this time,

I would like to introduce various antiques and vintage products such as tables and small goods.


Besides large-sized products,

smaller furniture and small goods are also arriving day by day.


There are no barcode for antiques or vintage products,

so management is quite difficult.



All Austrian shops are obliged to have a cash register.

(It is so surprised, it includes stalls and markets as well.)

It seems that there is an obligation to issue receipts.


I do not really understand what is the sales management with the cash register without any barcodes.



... Aside from complaints,

I would like to start introducing products.


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New arrival product May 17, 2017

Introduction of THE antiques



This time I am introducing products which are typical antiques for our shop.


I am introducing Furniture and lights mainly.


When the summer will come,

a lot of flea markets will be held,

and we will be able to restore many furniture when the days are getting longer.



So in summer relatively larger products (furniture etc.) comes to our shop than in winter.


It seems that this year's Easter apparently seems to put pressure on the household budget in April and May,

(This year, April 16th was Easter Sunday.)

The number of purchases is also a lot compared to last year,

so our shop currently have lots of products.


The antiques to be introduced from now on are really outstanding and eye-catching products.


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New arrival product May 12, 2017

Introducing unusual antiques this time



This time, I would like to introduce some rare antiques as antique shop products.

Normally antique shops don't have those products.  



The products I am introducing this time came to our shop also a while ago.

New arrival items don't come so often...





I am introducing products this time,

metal sign, tennis racket, bicycle, airline bag, electric fan ...

It is a bit young products to call them antiques.



It is not even furniture our main products.


From that reason, I called them "unusual".



Although it is far from the classic style, they fit the industrial style etc.,

and also I wanted to introduce them because they are very interesting products.


It is perfect for those who would like to try to arrange interior with usable and reasonable price.



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New arrival product May 10, 2017

This time it is antiques from France


We went to France for purchase recently!


(But I didn't go there... I have never been to France... it 's close but faraway country somehow.)


This time I will introduce some of the antiques we bought at that time.


I want to introduce everything,

but some of them are still repairing or they are too difficult to explain because we don't know the details.

So I will introduce you when I can find out the details.



I think that France is a country that is truly blessed with antiques.


Of course Austria, Germany, England, Italy etc are also treasures of antiques from my sight ...


France is basically full of antiques that are with quite good quality or so rare  even if you look all over Europe.


The price is reasonable sometime as well.

(Of course, they are not repaired so we need to repair them with a lot of times...)


I will introduce such a wonderful French antiques.


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New arrival product May 5, 2017

This time, I will introduce the items arrived before.


I will introduce new products that we currently have in our shop as well as the last time.


Even if I said those are new products,

the products we are introducing this time was purchased from the middle to the end of April,

it may be slightly old to call they are new products.


However, the items I introduce this time are not uncommon in our shop,

so I thought that I would like to introduce them on this occasion.


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New arrival product May 3, 2017

Almost every day various new items will arrive


It is already May.

In Austria, cold days continued in the end of April,

but summer will come soon after in May.


(It was snowing in Klagenfurt in late April in 2016,

but this year it seemed to have snowed in another city.)


Well, I would like to change how to write the blog of product introduction.


Until now I was focusing on one genre, theme, maker etc. and introduced them.



if I write the blog like before,

I can not introduce some products or I have to introduce some products which already sold.

So from now on I decided to introduce new products arriving at the timing of writing blogs.


So the products' genre, age and style on this blog will be quite different.


When we can get the same style products in the same time,

I would like to introduce them as same as before.



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